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Welcome to the new format. We are now supporting all those wishing to start or learn how to earn an income online.  We are re-starting to blog with all sorts of beginner information.  Please note: many articles are brief and direct and really just discuss getting you the information you should know to get started as soon as possible at earning online. We want to point out also, that most of the information in our blogs is going to be workable and usable and able to generate or enhance your online income, using the device you are reading this on right now, including if youRead More →

Help others the way you expect others to help you Earn an income online! So, many of our members have sites similar to this here.  Many of us have no actual, physical, products for sale.  Many of us do have soft products such as webhosting to sell.  Our main income sources usually involve advertising revenues.  How does that work?  Well, the main idea is web visitors see interesting content, and then see an interesting advertisement.  You need to click on advertising you find interesting, you need your own visitors to do this so you generate an income.  Please, when you visit sites like this, informational,Read More →

Earn online within the next few minutes You can start earning an online income right now using the computer you are reading this on! Yes, online, without a website, blog, or anything apart from the computer you are on reading this, you can start earning online in the next few minutes.  Think your opinion matters?  If so, prove it and earn an online income doing just that.  We have several survey companies looking for your help right now.  Free to join / sign-up; all you need is an email address, even a free online email.  Then you are good to go.  We have several listedRead More →

Get traffic to your new online presence, without spending. So, after all of this work, you need people to know you are around.  How do you get people to know your new website exists, without spending money you don’t have on advertising?  There are many ways to promote your content for free and attract new visitors. With no or not much capital, you do get limited as to where and how you advertise, with free being the best option.  In these days where someone wants something (usually cash) for every little thing you may need, how do you keep working within little to no budget?Read More →

What is Domain Name e-mail? This is your email address at your domain name.  So basically, for instance.  NOT you@yah//.com or you@g// etc. Why is this so important? Say you can buy a product or service online; would you rather deal with someone@yah//.com or Domain names and associated email addresses lend to your credibility, online image and branding, and professionalism.  If you have a domain name you have access (or very much should) to domain name email.  If you are paying for a domain name and using it to establish your online presence, you should be fully utilizing these.  Part of this wouldRead More →

Why is Domain Name e-mail Important? Domain name email is you@your This is so very underused yet so important, and we offer this under webhosting, just contact us, It is important for so many reasons: Identity – This is your branding, you have a domain name, why not fully utilize it? This is part of your online identity, why be you@yah//.com or @ hotm//.com? Why not continue with your branding and be Professionalism – Would you rather do online business with someone at yah//.com or  I would always choose the proper domain name .com Legitimacy – same reason as above, would youRead More →

Your domain name is like your address on the world wide web. It is what people use to find you online. This may be a .com but there are now a whole lot of new extensions We Recommend: The previous link is who we use and recommend for not only registrations, but, also to use to research availability. Another good idea is to use a registrar that provides an introductory rate for the first year. The introductory rates also let you save a few dollars today, spend a year on development and then decide on renewal. You can also choose to switch registrars under certainRead More →

     SEO involves getting your new web site noticed by all search engines, there are many ideas and secrets over many different resources. Our ideas are basics and will get you better positioned. As noted this site is here to help beginners get started so we may touch on the occasional advanced idea, but, mostly we are here to help with the basics. Our basic ideas to help you get started are : Content, people will come to your site for relevant content and also constant updates. Fresh content is very important. Use relevant META tags, you have to use proper page titles andRead More →

   Some more guidelines regarding content: Keywords are relevant in that they tie all your efforts together, from a search engine point of view Keyword density is important in you need the correct balance, use and re-use these, but, only in a natural part of your post Be original – search for many other posts and sites using the same content idea as you wan to use.  Get a good idea of what they are talking about, important words and concepts; then start on your own from a blank page.  Refer back for details if needed, but, try hard to be original. If you useRead More →

By now most of you will at least know something about keyword density.  Basically it is how many times your keyword(s) show up in your articles and posts.  There are many restrictions on this nowadays.  You used to be able to just add keywords along the way and older search engine algorithms would pick them up as they crawled your site.  Current search engines use a modified algorithm that is called “Organic Search”.  Basically, they now look for natural context and content, which means they look for your print to be a more natural tone.  You should use your keywords in your content, but, onlyRead More →